Intuitive healing for the body, heart, mind & soul

Heal, nurture & give back to yourself


with Ruthie-J, qualified
Crystal Light Healing® practitioner

Ruthie-J is a qualified Crystal Light Healing® practitioner. In your session with Ruthie-J she will utilise the tools she has gathered on her journey such as crystals, vibrational healing, ritual and her natural psychic ability to work with you to nurture and give back to your soul.  Together, you will work on releasing stagnant energy that no longer serves a purpose and bring forth balance and harmony within your body and energetic fields to assist you in achieving a true state of wellbeing and clarity.

Vibrational medicine

As an experienced healer she is committed to empowering each individual to create the life they desire through Vibrational Medicine - Crystal Light Healing - an ancient healing technique that she holds such a passion and affinity for.  Most importantly, she is able to provide you with the essential tools for your journey of self healing, growth and awareness. 

Healing sessions to work with any issue

Ruthie-J’s healing work and sessions are powerful and will assist you in addressing imbalances and other life issues such as low self esteem, anxiety and stress related conditions, depression, balancing addictive behaviour, cleansing and detoxification, disease within the physical body and releasing blockages.

It is her honour to facilitate, support and watch over as you experience positive changes in your life in the areas of:

  • Personal Growth (spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically)
  • Awareness
  • Life Purpose

Note: healings are not intended to replace medical treatment/advice.

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